Bradley A. Striebig, Ph.D.

Professor of Engineering

James Madison University


I have developed a wide variety of engineering courses from freshmen level through graduate level courses. The courses include hands-on experiencetial components, and many courses have includied extensive service-learning components. Here you can see the current and past courses I have taught throughout my career.


I've been the lead author of three engineering textbooks and several chapters in other books. Altogether, I've authored over one hundered publications including books, book chapters, journal articles, and conference proceedings.


Community and organizational service has been an important part of my career. I've working extensively in sub-Saharan Africa, with local environmental groups and of course wiht University service activities, including starting the engineering program at JMU.


About Me

Professor Striebig earned his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Striebig is a founding professor of the engineering program at James Madison University and previously taught engineering at Gonzaga University and the Pennsylvania State University. He has served as editor on major journals in environmental engineering and sustainable development. He has led major, funded, award-winning research activities focused on working with developing communities and natural treatment systems. He has published over 100 technical publications, including several book chapters, numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, and many peer-reviewed conference presentations and proceedings.

Current Areas of Investigation

On-going Work and Projects

Introduction to Engineering

I'm working on K-12 resources to introduce studetns to engineering and first year engaged learning opportunities to encourage diversity in engineering.

Including Nuerodiverse Learners

I'm interested in diversifying engineering oportunities by considering the desing of engineering resources and spaces to make engineering education more inclusive for nuerodiverse learners.

Stream Restoration and Watershed Protection

I'm working with local and regional organizations to develop and implement stream restoration projects and watershed protection plans.

Sustainable Development

I've worked with many small communities in Benin, Kenya and Rwanada on economic development projects including water and sanitation projects for commuities and schools. On-going efforts include working with the Nasaruni School for Maasi Children in Kenya.

Areas of Reseach Interest and Scholarship

Engineering Educational Resources

Discovering Engineering

Discovering Engineering Design in the 21st Century: Reources for Introducing Engineering

Here you will find resources to introduce engineering concepts to students, including a link to my Discovering Engineering Design in the 21st Centery textbook, videos and activities to introduce a wide range of enginering skills and professions.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Design, 2nd Edition

Here you will find resources to introduce engineering concepts to students, including a link to my Discovering Engineering Design in teh 21st Centeruy textbook, videos and activities to introduce a wide range of enginering skills and professions.

Sustainability and Engineering

Engineering Applications In Sustainable Design and Development

Here you will find resources for sustainability and engineering , including a link to my Engineering Applications In Sustainable Design and Development textbook, videos and activities for sustainability and engineering

Stream Restoration and Water Resources

Resources for stream restoration and analysis

Here you will find resources to on stream restoration, water quality, and water resources.

Sustainable Development Goals and Humanitarian Engineering

Resources for sustainable community development 

Here you will find resources and information about my work with communities in sub-Saharan Africa, educational resources and links to project partners.

Engineering Education, the Environment and Sustainability 

Thoughts on Engineering Education, Sustainability and the One World in Which We Live 

OTTOBINE, Va. (WHSV) - Engineering students from James Madison University have been working on restoring a section of Beaver Creek that had been heavily eroded from rain and the creek itself.

Engineering Exchange 2022

The JMU Department of Engineering is pleased to present a glimse of the 2022 xChange, our annual celebration of the joys of engineering. The xChange shares our students’ major engineering work from the past year through presentations, posters, and prototypes – and features our two-year-long capstone projects. This year our showcase will be first-year projects, sophomore design projects, junior/senior capstone projects, honors student projects, and more.

WATER in Benin, West Africa

Developing water treatment capacity at the Songhai Centre of Sustainable Development in Porto-Novo, Benin

Beaver Creek Restoration 2021 JMU Engineering XChange Video

Getting started with a stream restoration project in Ottobine, VA

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